No Regrets for Family Choosing Solar to Reduce Carbon Footprint

When Randy and his family decided to be more environmentally conscious and go solar, they chose SunPower because of the Caterpillar’s partnership with them. They chose Legacy Solar because Luke explained the value of SunPower’s proprietary designs, as well as the maintenance we at Legacy Solar offer for our customers.

“The combination of the micro-inverter panels, the offering of panels to meet our energy needs, and the support of a local company all led us to make our decision to use SunPower and Legacy Solar.”

- Randy Black

We could not be more thrilled to hear this family report that they have been producing more energy from their panels than they have been using on most days of the month. No matter how much you talk about what it would be like to be free from electricity bills, getting that first $0 electric bill from Ameren (not including the minimal fees for gas and electrical hookup) makes it finally seem real!

“The continued support of Legacy Solar even after the install was completed has confirmed that we made the right choice.”

- Randy Black

Looking ahead the Black family intends to use the solar system they intentionally oversized to replace their vehicles with either plug-in hybrids or full electric vehicles in order to reduce their carbon footprint even more.